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“people. take my advice. if you love someone. don’t think twice.” - ‘sugar baby love’ by the rubbettes lume is always:-joeri bruyninckxand sometimes:-lieven fieremans-alexander brank
joeri likes: long walks, driving at night, public libraries and of course: townes van zandt, butthole surfers, krysztof kieslowski, george harrison, andy kaufman, black sabbath (the ozzy years), the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, derek bailey, gerry rafferty, germs, buddy holly and 2 live crew’s me so horny.
joeri also: moonlights as a music journalist doing interviews for Ruis, Urbanmag, Vice, Storing, Foxy Digitalis, RifRaf, Kwadratuur etc. A collection of his interviews with musicians from the deep dark Belgian underground was released as a book titled ‘Komaan jong, stel nu eens een boeiende vraag!’ (Dutch / English) in 2009.