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Side B: Untitled by Luciernaga

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"The first side of the tape is the more complex . . . Built from variously configured guitars, bowed metal, and a Tibetan prayer bowl, Da Silva opens the piece blending deep swells of blackened dungeon noise with pristine silence. Focusing more on the higher frequencies, the metal scrapes are appropriately creepy and ghostly. He then introduces in the guitar, a blurry haze of notes that do not hide the instrumentation. He slowly fills the mix in more from here, first with a noisier passage of guitar that adds in a perfect amount of crunch and distortion. Eventually the guitar
is replaced with the feedback like tones of the prayer bowl and mournful guitar noise. The other half of Tile I is a bit less accessible, consisting of a single second and a half loop of shruti box repeated for over 22 minutes, recorded with the stated purpose of aiding in meditation. It has a flowing, sad melodic flow to sound that helps make its repetitive nature feel more varied than it is." -Brainwashed



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