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 Low Fat Getting High (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


Photo: Keili
  • Artie Tan - Bass, Kaleen Reading - Drums, Michael P Sincavage -Vocals
Starting off as an aggressively minimal DIY bass/drum/vocal outfit, Low Fat Getting High formed in the summer of 2011 consisting of Artie Tan (Bass), Kaleen Reading (Drums), and Michael P Sincavage (Vocals).   Sharing songwriting duties from the very beginning, the band recorded three EPs on a laptop in their rehearsal
space that they self released online, establishing a reputation for experimental, abrasive, yet catchy punk tunes.   In September 2012, the band expanded the sonic vocabulary with Michael on guitar, and released a split seven inch vinyl with The Black Black in October followed by a Northeast tour and a relentless show schedule in Brooklyn.