Lovely Little Girls

We now have a theatrical, RIO-inspired Zolo group in the USA. Lovely Little Girls meet the 20-year cycle head-on with…

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7" 2010 - Album
Gregory Jacobsen: Vocals, Various SoundsBrant V: GuitarLoach Filet: BassDrew Ziegler: KeyboardColby Starck: DrumsEleanor Balson: MarimbaVirgina Montgomery: Vocals...hectic, free but tight…


richard Dec 13, 2010

Fetid. Like a sun-baked gut-pile, glistening on some sweltering backroad, it left me wanting more. Wonderful ugliness. Ugly Wonderful mess.

katya-oddio Oct 26, 2010

Beefheart, Zappa, Brecht. Sexy, putrid, disturbed. Love it.