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 Lovely Little Girls (4 Albums, 13 Tracks)


ACTIVE:2001 - 2009
  • Black Bear Combo, Cheer-Accident, Rope, Cacaw, Panicsville
We now have a theatrical, RIO-inspired Zolo group in the USA. Lovely Little Girls meet the 20-year cycle head-on with a fantastically Euro-styled art rock cabaret that wouldn’t be out of place on Rec-Rec. Their sound and their playing are spot on. The imagery is a little dark for my
tastes, but they can look however they like as long as they keep making this music.-Zoloscope blogGregory Jacobsen's group Lovely Little Girls were superb, by the way. Their crazed crossbreeding of Brechtian narrative menace and Zappa/zuehl theatrics was a bracing rejoinder to just about anything you'd care to name...-Tom Smith of To Live & Shave In LA (review of 5/9/07 show at Nihilist)I was excited to see Lovely Little Girls again, and they blew away their last set, which had already been pretty great. They've added some horns, every move of the set seems extremely thought out in a very effective way, and they've gotten heavier, almost like METAL. Scatological and goofy and, yes, "gender-fucked," they somehow hit at a perfect balance between pretentious-as-hell art-faggotry and hilarious (review of 7/10/03 show at Fireside Bowl) (photo by Flickr user dtgarfield All Rights Reserved)


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