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 Los Sundayers (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


LOCATION:Madrid, Spain
  • Dani: voices.
  • Belen: voices.
  • Maria: voices.
  • Barto: bassguitar.
  • Javi: trombone.
  • Nico: trombone.
  • Carlos: sax.
  • Areta: percussions.
  • Cesar: electric guitar.
  • Lita: key
Any Sunday, in a typical Spanish sunny beach, with the most luscious paella recently eaten, ten unruly Sundayers (weekend tripper) suffer an incredible transformation that make them mix, with a huge foodie knowledge, a musical explosion where everything is possible to make dance and have fun without limits. The musical style of the Sundayers is wide-ranging because everyone in the band has their own influences. Reggae, rock, jazz, ska, funk, latin, creative and japanese cuisines are the music styles that is usually playing in the Sundayers’ iPods while they are waiting for the bus, they are cooking anything delicious or
are dancing in any unexpected place. Although, the combination of percussions, wind section, three singers and a huge potential drum, guitar and bassguitar give them the necessary tenacity to create enormous parties in every stage they hit! The never ending party that is the Sundayers on their live shows, where every stage becomes a funny and dancing machine. They can bring their spectacle wherever it is possible, but if you cannot wait, feel free to contact them as soon as possible, so the more bored reunions will be the Sanfermines with the Sundayers in action! source: official website




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