Los Amparito

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Los amparito are the best sandwiches in Guadalajara, MX. They've been a tradition for the local people since 1957. With their already known sandwiches of meat, jam and all types of mexican chesse, avocado and jalapeño pepper. For this and more they've become an icon on Guadalajara's downtown besides being a rigorous must taste of the mexican food for the tourists and the people with good taste. Los amparito have no branches, even though there are some people who take advantage of the fame of this sandwiches and placed branches stealing the name and logo of the picture of the founder "Doña Amparito".
Ohh! and by the way, Los amparito is also Carlos Pesina (Pepepe, Pesina Siller) making music out of sounds from Amparo Ochoa's recordings.
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