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 Loachfillet can lately be found in Oakland, CA with a stack of vinyl in one hand and a tape machine in the other. His home is limned in tools of his trade: skeins of magnetic loops hung from nails, a leaning wall of synths, amps, horns, and circuit bent flotsam encrusted with barnacles of contact mics. He edits audio for Electronic Arts, is a principle DJ for Oakland’s International Freakout a Go-Go, and co-curates a series of experimental shows in the East Bay entitled Composers Decomposed.
Loachfillet plays with Pigs in the Ground, Mummers (Eype), Diatric Puds, and Psicologicos Traumas with Joseph Hammer (Solid Eye, Dinosaurs With Horns, Points of Friction); Albert Ortega (Slujun) and Ecomorti. As producer and publisher, he founded Autometrik, Aural Secretions and Fish Pies record labels, compiling and arranging the CD compilation String of Artifacts. 

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