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Human needs are the needs arising from human nature and are a response to his existential dichtomy.There are five basic human needs: the need for coherence, the need to overcome the need for roots, the need for identity and the need for a framework of orientation and beliefs.
Two fundamentally different ways are possible to solve the problem of human existence, and that means the satisfaction of human needs:a regressive (ill, non-genuine) and progressive (sound, authentic). These two directionsare: first, to return to the level of animal existence, which is characterized by symbioticrelationships and narcissism (security), or others, to seek a new way of connecting with the world through love, creativity and reason, which implies reaching productive human existence.
They are also the name of Subotica’s-electropunk industrial band comprising Vuk Miletic (vocals), Armand Mesaros (bass) and Igor Andrejić (loopmachine and keyboards). The project was launched in August 2010. It is characterized by strong lyrics and energetic sound. ''Human needs "include multiple genres, while preserving its characteristic sound using a loop machine and keyboards, bass guitar with effects and aggressive and at times''soft''vocals.

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