Livio Amato

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Livio Amato is a composer and sound scapes designer; he has composed several soundtracks for theater, advertising, documentaries, short films, company presentations and art exhibitions; he has worked with various visual artists, cultural associations; has produced music for ballet with the choreographer Tatiana Conte and has collaborated with other musicians and composers since 1982 when he was proposed to replace two instrumentalists in two groups involved in a project for the realization of a vinyl in co-production (electric bass and keyboards), for the company MVL Records Srl - Italy. From those distant times Livio Amato has never left the music, so his story is a long story made up of several stories intersected with each other: in 2007 he met Sarah Flint, a British freelance artist. With her at his side he composed the "Tetralogia di Musa" - Always Musa, The gate of evermore, Sensitivity and Perception (holophonic) and a four-handed album, The Priestess, also like Perception entirely holophonic. Sarah Flint returned to England in May 2012 and, after a two-year break, Livio Amato is returning with a new digital release, "OltreAmare", intended for the film and audio-visual world (piano solo, ambient, newage, relaxing).