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 Live Fast Die (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


LOCATION:Littleton, NH
Not a band so much as a loosely associated mob, Littleton, NH-based LiveFastDie are composed of a fluid lineup listing upwards of 20 musicians -- some of whom can sort of play an instrument when called into action for occasional basement shows -- but all of whom contribute to the
raucous, lo-fi, occasionally country & western-inflected punk rock noise that constitutes their music. "Naturally, they're big in Brooklyn (or at least a ten-block radius centered around Williamsburg's Bedford Avenue subway station) and championed by outsider music and indie rock fans across the Web, including the good folks who run their Wisconsin-based label, Dusty Medical Records. The latter are responsible for the release of LiveFastDie's Shit Amplified/By the Time These Flowers Die album, which was recorded on different occasions (and by different "band" members) over the previous two years, and could be said to showcase what the Meat Puppets might sound like if their music were performed by the Mountain Goats if they were subjected the ailing mental state of outsider icon Wesley Willis." ~ Eduardo Rivadavia


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