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SPIN calls their track 'Candy Stairs' a "garage-pop near-classic", and it's an accurate hyphen-rich description of the music they make..  On their newest 2009 EP, Vampires Fill Their Waterbeds With Blood, the trio continues to bounce out vital little gems that feel like you've been listening to them all your
life, mixed in-between your Kinks and ELO albums. Herman Jolly's whispering crackled voice permeates the spare titanic rock of the title track, while the entire band finds a Sunday-stroll groove for the lush "Windless" and enters epic terrain yet again with "Soul Tack" and "Skins of Bears". Soaring pop choruses saddle up next to the chunky rhythmic din of "Soul Tack" and the message is clear: Kids, it's still ok to dance. The name came from Badger, who bartends at the iconic Re-bar in Seattle, says,"I was picking up broken glass, and said 'Oww, it's the little pieces that'll always get you!'" .]Myspace