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  • Shanon Funchess,
  • Bruno Coviello
NEW YORK TIMES STYLE MAGAZINE Holiday Issue December 5, 2010 Looking Bright "In some underground New York, Tokyo or London club, Shannon Funchess’s powerful contralto punches through the fog-filled stage — as does the spread of green laser light emanating from behind her. Funchess, the Light Asylum frontwoman, drums and sings, pogoing around in a mix of black leather and new-wave neon, like a punker, harder-edged Grace Jones possessed by the sensibilities of Ian Curtis. Her voice has appeared on tracks by bands like Telepathe and TV on the Radio, but it’s with this latest project (a duo, with Bruno
Coviello on synth) that she has come into her own. Light Asylum is catchy but raw, music you can lose yourself in."


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