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Lesbian Afternoon
LOCATION:Atlanta Los Angeles Sao Paulo London Tokyo Rome NYC Wellington
  • Studio - LA
  • Live - LA, JDHIII, AM, PM
Lesbian Afternoon, or ‘LA’ as the band is often referred, is the recorded adventures of one Atlanta native, Mike Koenig. About 10 years ago Lesbian Afternoon was born into the delicious world of sound by way of a ghetto blaster, an acoustic guitar and some girls on the sidewalk passing by. Some musical highlights over the past few years include remixing a Deerhoof song (‘Flower’, featured on their ‘Coverhoof!’ album), covering Of Montreal (‘Disconnect the Dots’, featured on the 'Aluminum Plums' OM tribute album), making DIY surrealist music videos (collected on the 30 minute 'Videos de la Musica' DVD) &
releasing an album called ‘Horizontal Refreshment’. In 2008 the Super Nude EP and a 7" single on colored vinyl were released via the Hand Rolled Records imprint.  The live version of the band features Mike, Justin Hughes (Rock*A*Teens), Alex Mason and Price Mason. This new lineup most recently performed at the WREK 41st Anniversary Party, held at the Drunken Unicorn last month. The show was filmed and some of the footage can be seen on LA's myspace page.