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 Les Baudouins Morts (2 Albums, 40 Tracks)


Les Baudoins Morts
  • C3A – lead vocals
  • Baudouin Lahaut – backing vocals
  • Pater Meinhof – backing vocals
  • Buenaventura D’Orazio – lead guitar
  • Markies de Schade – keyboards, trumpet, trombone, occasional guitar
  • Lemmy Limbo – bass guitar
  • John Lenin- second guitar
  • Guust Kater – drums
  • Olaf the Viking – guitar
  • Vinz – percussion, guitar, banjo, keyboards
  • Mieke Vogelt – female backing vocals
  • BB Kinky – tenor sax
Les Baudouins Morts existed between 1996 and 2000. They were a local cult band, with a strong following in the underground scene in and around the town of Leuven (Belgium). Their music, if that’s what you want to call it, was just an excuse to promote radical leftwing protest, make sick jokes, criticize about everything and everyone walking the face of the planet and give everyone involved the opportunity to play his instrument to his own liking. The lyrics were always in Dutch, interlaced with an idiom derived from local dialect, making it practically impossible to perform outside of Flanders.
Concerts were usually defined by a strong connection between band and audience. Les Baudouins Morts always played for free, to emphasize the fact that music and all other forms of cultural creativity should never be a part of the economy. They were the precursors of the ever-growing ‘Ram Sabam’-movement which is currently trying to put an end to the all too powerful grip of the Belgian copyright organisation, called Sabam, on the music scene.