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Cut 1 by Leprechaun Catering

Album Description

This album description from the Ehse Records website was too good to pass up: "Kumquats, Lychees" finds Leprechaun Catering, Baltimore's best beloved brunette duo of tobacco smoking Tom Boram and Jason Willett, on their first ever release, making a sound described by some as "techno you can't dance to, or
free improvisation you can dance to."  This tag is misleading, however.  Perhaps the listener could better imagine the LC sound if they conduct this simple exercise.  Imagine if H.R. Pufnstuf and Witchiepoo were at a rave and both fully disembodied in a bottomless k-hole, and were then told that they had to arrange a dance version of Jesus Christ Superstar to be performed by an orchestra consisting of Duane Eddy, Ikue Mori, John Entwistle, Tina Weymouth, Lux Interior, Henry Kissinger, Victor Hugo, Gene Krupa, Eraserhead, Gary Coleman, Stewart Copeland, Clerence Clemmens,  Jimmy Nolan, Tony Blair, John Belushi, Jimmy Guiffre, Keith Emerson, and Animal from The Muppet Show.  The audience at this rave would consist of very fit senior citizens who would have the H.R./Witchiepoo Orchestra performance tuned to their hearing aids.  The refreshment table would serve only prune sorbet and hot house rhubarb tuna salad hoagies.  The rave would be in a wind tunnel.  There would also be a skateboarding halfpipe demonstration done by zombies.



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