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LOCATION:Portland, Oregon
  • Leonard Mynx
Leonard Mynx grew up a half mile from Mark Twain's grave. A half mile past that, an old prison of brick and iron loomed over the headstones and the houses of the town. Its siren marked the hours of the day. During the Civil War, along the river that had
served as the life of the town, was the site of the most infamous Union prison camp, or death camp, as it was referred to in Dixie. Once a bucolic and charming little village, in the late twentieth century the town was plagued by floods, prisons and the death of American industry until it rotted and all but died out. It was during this period that Leonard Mynx served his sentence there, until finally, he escaped. Like Twain, Mynx traveled wide and far and, like Twain, he possessed a penchant for language and storytelling. Leonard Mynx has crisscrossed America and beyond carried by planes, trains, ships, wheels and his own feet. Writing songs along the way about the places and faces he has met, Mynx has a unique ability to bring a listener into the moment and life of a song. With a style that draws from the history of American music and American history in general, Mynx continues the long tradition of communication through song. Shunning the graveyards, prisons and diseases that plague much of present society, the music of Leonard Mynx is a celebration of life. The lessons in death that he has gathered from his hometown and throughout his journeys into the heart of the world, have produced a captivating songwriter, a dying art in itself.