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Loaf by Lemon Yellow Hayes

Album Description

Producer: Lemon Yellow Hayes
Engineer: Lemon Yellow Hayes
"This collection of self-made recordings from Lemon Yellow Hayes is a fuzzed out noise fest from beginning to end. Comprised of tracks that he recorded on his PC on the summer of 2004, as well as some that he recorded on a 4-track machine back in the early '90s. Everything
here sounds like the inside of my brain on Saturday morning after a Friday night at the Abbey Lounge. Lyrically, the songs range from childlike (check out "Ocean Wave Wave", which riffs on the old Boston Museum of Science ads) to the psychotic. There's an inspired cover of the Meat Puppets' "Split Myself in Two" which somehow reminded me of The Basement Tapes; and a cover of The Seeds' "Pushing Too Hard" which serves to remind how much the '90s grunge rockers owed to the mid-sixties garage rockers."



09. Lemon Yellow Hayes - Loaf 00:01:00

Track Info

If you decide that you'd like to use this music for a video etc, please include the following with your work. NAME OF SONG_by Lemon Yellow Hayes at the Free Music Archive. Those who do not honor this simple request will not have permission to use this music. Thank you.'Loaf' by Lemon Yellow Hayes was written and recorded by Lemon Yellow Hayes sometime between 1991 and 1992. Released on the Broken String Songs compilation in 2004. 'Loaf' by Lemon Yellow Hayes is licensed with an Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons License. Please contact lemonyellowhayes [at] gmail [dot] com regarding the use of this material.
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