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Released Apr 23, 2021
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Artwork by: Uwe Schweer-Lambers Music will always be an expression of the journey of the artist or the team behind it. Leisure took a lofty break from releasing for the last nine years, but the journey nonetheless continued. Skylancer offers a tightly compressed version of events which occurred between 2017 and 2020. From being stripped of an audio workspace, to building a brand new studio, acquiring an Access Virus TI2 and along with Ramon spending quality music time with Skyler from Audeka, the effects of this long and winding road are reflected in this latest EP by Leisure-B. Sometimes it can feel like the direction is clear, but a path is nowhere in sight. All the means required to continue with something bigger and better are available, and all things need is a trigger. In the case of Skylancer it was Skyler&rsquo;s visit to Leisure&rsquo;s studio, and the resulting Leisure Lands track and EP. With Leisure Lands, Leisure got a peak in a world of non-linear rhythms and gained a new perspective on bass composition and programming. Based on the experience gained while on the other end working on his side projects Monolog Rockstar and Fetteck Doha, Leisure finally decided to let his love for lyrics take the overhand and added a sparkling mix of vocals to his palette. Skylancer is complemented by two other artists: Alexei Kalinkin, who&rsquo;s also scheduled to release his LP Diginature, has taken Skylancer to another level of dynamics in a clear display of his skills and insights. This seven and a half remix is a clear projection of his current style on the original material. Highly up to date and tight as fu%&, Alexei shows his mastery once again. Julian Winter completes the EP with a signature sound remix which features slow percussives, downbeat drums and an almost reggae&rsquo;ish finale. If you&rsquo;ve enjoyed Leisure-B&rsquo;s former works, be sure not to miss out on this one.


Gerrit Elbrink


Gerrit Elbrink