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Instrumentals 1 by Lee Maddeford

Album Description

Yellow Abstract by Shakeh, 2009

Gorgeous, acoustic instrumental works by Lee Maddeford performed by Les Gauchers Orchestra and Les Gauchers Quintet. The pieces range from seemingly Hungarian gypsy dances that would warm the heart of Béla Bartók to pieces that would work for British society bands and on to lush works with string arrangements.




Tilburgers on 07/02/11 at 12:21PM
Really love this music. We have used it for an art video:
Tilburgers on 07/08/11 at 12:45PM
Have made an improved version, better HD quality:
katya-oddio on 09/14/11 at 04:58PM
Beautiful, Tilburgers. It is nice to see Mr. Maddeford's music in use in such a lovely setting. I hope to visit Lustwarande Pleasure Garden one day.
rgrove on 11/08/11 at 07:47AM
Wonderful, evocative music that has is beautifully played and very entertaining. I hope to use some of the tracks in an animated film I'm working on. Thanks for making this available.
urban peas on 01/24/13 at 10:00AM
Really beautiful music - very inspiring for me as a singer...each song creates a unique atmosphere and lots of pictures straight away - like good film music does ! Thank you very much for sharing this !
choreographer on 08/16/15 at 06:20PM
Wonderful collection of really great music. Inspiring> I always check Lee's work when starting a project. Thank you! Thank you!!!!!
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