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No Hero by Learning Music

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Artwork By Leon Alesi
Artwork By Leon Alesi
This album is centered around the "live" band. All the songs were written over the last year to be played by this band at small concerts in Los Angeles. For a while now, I've been very interested in the difference between recorded and live musics, seeking to realize their separate
potentials. Learning Music began as an exercise in recording music in a studio setting, with little concern for how the sounds might be translated into a live performance. Likewise, when we formed the first Learning Music band, I wanted it to play music that was practically unrecordable, utilizing mostly large-group improvisation. This album appears to be somewhat of a compromise between those two approaches.In writing these songs, I wanted to in some way align the band -- the closest the LM lineup has come to resembling a traditional rock band -- with socially/politically radical punk music of the late 1970s. Lyrically, this album is most concerned with deconstructing the assumed roles of music in society, addressing the stereotypes it promotes and lives within, and questioning whether music can even address its social simulacra without reinforcing them. 



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