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"LAY LOW is the alter ego of singer-songwriter Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir, who was born in London in 1982 to an Icelandic mother and Sri Lankan father, with the family relocating to Reykjavík when she was a small child. She took piano lessons at a young age and started playing bass and guitar in her teens, performing with several local acts before joining the experimental rock band Benny Crespo’s Gang adding keyboard, synthesizers….and her voice….to her musical armory. LAY LOW evolved in early 2006, after Lovísa was contacted by a local label showing an interest in a raw demo she had
placed on MySpace that combined elements of blues, folk and country and twisted them into a fascinating new shape. Just a few short months after being discovered she had recorded and released her debut album,‘Please Don’t Hate Me’, which topped the Icelandic chart and became the bestselling original album in the country that year, getting nominated for four Icelandic Music Awards (winning three) in the process."More info at:


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