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Beyond Visible

Album Description

Laurent Avizou Laurent Avizou is a French improviser, who lives in Toulouse. He plays guitar, clarinet, bass and he uses his voice. Originally coming from rock music, his orientation moved towards experimental music. He loves playing with other artists, actors, poets and other improvisers. Beside music, he makes video's and
photographs. He plays with Amor Fati Trio, Labo Sonofage, Compagnie Persephone, l`Ensemble FM, La Compagnie Bruissonance and is part of the duo; Paris/Avizou.   Henry Koek Born in Holland, living in France for the last 19 years. He uses a variety of instruments; saxophones, clarinet, flutes, Tibetan bowls, percussion, and objects. In the past, he played with the Samaya Art Ensemble, and together with Madhyalaya duo, Karim Amari, and Antoine Bourgeau. Together with Karim Amari, he provided the musical accompaniment for Alexandra Ré. He composed music together with others for dance and documentaries. Henry writes poems and creates music with it, dance of words and sounds. He is open for all kind of collaborations with others specially interested in free improvisation, "open heart and empty head".   Arnold Cabott Arnold Cabott makes experimental music, with guitars, objects, iPad, sanza, or his voice. He does spontaneous compositions, free music, mixing alternative and conventional technics, with other musicians, and artists, dancers, video creators... Actually, he plays with Nos Namajs, G O M, BUM and began with Henry Koek and sometimes André Darius, a series of recording with guests: Ophelie Brunet, Antoine Ulmann, Rachel Chen, Bruno Gussoni, and now Laurent Avizou.


UPLOADED: 02/09/2017

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