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Lauki is surrounding symmetry, spirals towards inner coldness, beyond words, the Antarctic of the heart. Frozen edge mandala, as an ice crystal, microscopically captured nanoseconds before it’s melted. Crystalline nets of microsounds and glitch, computerized sounds, constant, almost mechanic ritmical estructures, wich all of a sudden get a soul and break, as they get in touch with the analogic melancholy of the rubbed strings. The inevitable fragility of the frozen snow in a sunny winter day.
Is born in Iruña and lives in Barcelona, where he works as freelance sound technician and composer.He has a particular weakness for contemporary classic music, generative art and the aesthetics of the digital error.
Recently he has been working in different projects: experimental sound tracks for classic films, original compositions for audiovisual pieces and performances and several colaborations with other international artists.

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