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Lifeson by Lately Kind of Yeah

Album Description

Part of the Lately Kind of Yeah archive series. Challenger concludes the LKOY series and provides a kind of counterpoint to the previous release Rampart, with a rougher edge and submersion in guitar and glitch but no less immaculate in vision and execution. “Gate” is my favorite track here,
dark and insistent - “Time governs us all.” Words from the artist: “Closure is primarily what I think of with this record. ‘Lifeson’ was the first song written at the end of 2015, acting as the keystone for all other ideas to follow. Recording was stretched out over two years of many emotional and life changes, ending under the idea of closure and its innate 'perfection’. Everything within Challenger was maddening and fruitless, ultimately challenged by defining what was never finished to be finished regardless. It represents a significant chapter of my life, as accurately as it needed to be.”