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Midnight Sweet Dark by Lately Kind of Yeah

Album Description

Part of the Lately Kind of Yeah archive series. Gastr is yet another short-but-sweet EP offering from Lately Kind of Yeah. Fully in his element of noise / pop master craftsmanship, Gastr is one track after another of memorable songs with a bite, containing a couple of my favorite tracks from him, “Where is My Jaw” and “Meditate”. A fine place to begin with LKOY if you are just beginning to explore his archive. Words from the artist: “Sometime in 2014, an original B.C. Rich Warlock was gifted to me by one of my dad’s old buddies. I took it
as a sign that out in the ether, my dad was still listening and encouraging me to keep writing music. The Warlock has since become a phenomenal inspiration with all of its quirks and issues, leading my writing towards a darker and more abrasive sound. Gastr came together quickly as our ‘getting to know each other’ exercise, influenced by the many noise and pop bands I was listening to, and the Warlock itself.”



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