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Io by Lately Kind of Yeah

Album Description

Part of the Lately Kind of Yeah archive series. Czabeth commands the listener’s attention in a powerful way, with sweet vocals and layers of sound weaving together effortlessly. Choosing just one or two stand-out tracks is difficult when the release works so well as a whole, but if I must,
it would be “Woolsey”, intricate and building in under 4 minutes and closer “There and Back Again”, which offers glitchy, shoegazey bursts of blissful sonic dreams. Words from the artist: “Following numerous experiments with production, mixing and songwriting, Czabeth marks a point where the ‘LKOY’ sound began to build consistency in arrangement and vocal presence. My goal has always been to execute a particular kind of conveyance as clearly as possible without compromising flavor, and Czabeth remains one of my favorite albums where it all came together in a colourful way.”