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Lady Bombon vs. Gigaboy
Lady Bombon vs. Gigaboy
Formed in 2000, Lady Bombon is a boy and a girl from Mexico City who use samplers, rhythm boxes, keyboards and guitars to make a brilliant and strange new rhythm fusion. Chuchelas (the boy) and Hongo (the girl) blend punk, pop, roc, and electro, inspired by the 80s and 90s sounds they both grew up listening to. Originally, the two made music just for fun, as something that relaxed them, but after they recorded their first demo and gave it to friends, they realized it could be something more than just a hobby. The two then began to play in
bars and other venues and with different bands. What Lady Bombon proposes is that taking music seriously also means playing for fun, living in the moment and making that moment feel better. Such musical play involves experimentation--developing sounds unlike the other music out there. Fun and games are a part of Lady Bombon's visual look, too--the band performs in wild costumes that rhyme with their wide range of musical influences. Gigaboy is a project created by Chuchelas (Mexico) and his guest Sebastian Comelli (Uruguay), with headquarters in Mexico City. Its purpose is to experiment in mixing popular music (or folk music) with electronic music. While Gigaboy's influences are wide-ranging, the project draws particularly on 70s folk rock and 90s electronic music. Gigaboy has played with various DJ's in many places and often appears with Lady Bombon. A first EP will be independently released late 2005.



01. Lady Bombon - Hey Lady 00:02:59
02. Lady Bombon - La Borracha 00:03:18
03. Lady Bombon - Eee-Ooo 00:03:44
05. Gigaboy - Giga Lounge 00:05:37
06. Gigaboy - In The Making 00:03:43
07. Gigaboy - I Give Up 00:03:23
08. Gigaboy - Hiak Toyaz 00:04:44
09. Gigaboy - Tai Rhau Horu 00:03:38
10. Gigaboy - Xu-Xu 00:02:59
UPLOADED: 05/11/2015
LISTENS: 18660

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