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La Barca de Sua is an artistic proposal which arose from the musical interests of four people from Granada. In September 2004, Raúl Lucas (spanish guitar, composer), Luigi Ramos (electric guitar), Ignacio García (bass) and Inwit Puntotk (percussion) began to play together, as a pastime, in an old house of Granada´s Albaycín, close to the Elvira´s arch. After a year, with the incorporation of singer Carmen Caballero, the band and its music reached a new level of expectations and they offered their first live performances. From summer 2006 the band was completed with the recruitment of Emilio Parrilla (clarinet, sax).
Their debut took place in local club Musik-7 and it was widely covered by local press, with excellent reviews. Later they recorded ´Demo 2006´, in La Fragua studios (, six songs that gave the first taste of their music to the world. This album was, from the first moment, fully available for download in their website,, where they publish not only their music but other artistic works, all under a Creative Commons license.
With this album La Barca de Sua won the 2006 edition of the Espacio Libre festival (a contest promoted by the county council of Granada), and this brought the opportunity of playing at the Festival Zaidín Rock, in September 2006. There they shared stage with first level spanish bands as Celtas Cortos or Sex Museum.
As a pioneer copyleft band, they have been selected to take part in several compilations of CC music, as the ones promoted by El País´ supplement EP3 (Tanto Talento vol.2, with more than 30.000 downloads), or Radio87Mhz.
On July 2007, they published their second work, ´Artilugios para abrir un cuento´, which had a very good reception and a big impact in national press. Questioning the actual musical business scheme, they published a special edition ´authorized for street sale´, which is being distributed by senegalese street sellers with their permission. This second work is also downloadable from their webpage, reaching around a thousand downloads only during the first week.
"Naïf", the band's third album, was published on September 2009. Born as a collaborative artistic production work between La Barca and The Wisemen (Pepe Doughan, Diego Nieto, Pedrológico -Analógica-, Carlos Dingo and Isa García from Red Soul Community), this album shows the stylistic progression of the band, specially with the musical arrangements and the sound evollution.
Over Raul Lucas´ compositions, their songs are born from the interaction between the different ways each member understands and feels music. The experimentation with modern musical concepts, coming from their varied influences (that range from jazz to rock, through mediterranean and latin-american sounds), makes their sound to be hardly defined in style, but very personal and distinctive.
La Barca de Sua is also an alive artistic concept, a measuring of reality set from alternative perspectives. Their lyrics refer to this quest.

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