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Various Theories About The Earth by LaBon

Album Description


The more we know, the less we understand.
Original dance performance attempts with some preview and humor to presents you some of today´s traditional diagnoses, diseases, or phobies, which are designated as civilizating, or typical for humanity at this time. Burn out, anxiety, climate change, fear, neurosis- we know perfectly to decribe them, decompose, named and theoretical grap, or perhaps with such taste and often with inner joy, we fall into it. We support the information about what we could be. They became our food and replaced the literature, film, theatre and arts generally. Humanity collect informations about yourself and with the pleasure pack it into to package of possible apocalypse and destruction, which has almost as one is still able to provoke in us a feeling that we actually live.


Various Theories About The Earth
01. Man (04:38)
02. North (07:12)
03. Woman (07:29)

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Colortempestate on 01/11/15 at 03:41PM
Simply amazing. I really love this album!
CodesAndNotes on 01/12/15 at 01:24PM
My favorite one from this pick has to be North, which instantaneously transported me to some place way up there... ice all around, midnight sun, gentle polar wind blowing... Great ambient tracks have this power of summoning pictures in the listener's head. North is that great.
Once again, thank you LaBon!
LaBon on 01/12/15 at 05:56PM
Thank you very much.. we appreciate it alot.
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