Kyle Preston

Kyle Preston is a Seattle-based ambient composer and sound designer. He releases cinematic, experimental, and indie-classical music under his own…

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Geo 2017 - Album
It’s a perplexing time to live in America—maybe that’s an understatement. An existential uncertainty lingers in every conversation. We're all…


2017 - Album


mxgnrtnx02 Sep 30, 2017

I used your song on my time-lapse video over the Boulder Flatirons. I of course gave credit and provided your links.

kylepreston Jun 29, 2017

Thank you kindly for the lovely words Abehja & jander : )

jander Jun 10, 2017

You made me cry like I havent done it for a year. Your music gets SO deep inside me that I can just crowl, cry and wait. Thank you for this moment, thank you for this music.

Abehjha Apr 13, 2017

What an ethereal piece. The part with the violins is especially exquisite.