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 Kris Roche (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


  • Noriko Terada: Percussion
  • Bruno Esrubilsky: Drums
  • Jon Wood: Drums
  • Derek McWilliams: Bass
  • Michael Hurwtiz: Keys, Piano
  • Michael Engesser: Keys, Piano
  • Josh Fobare: B3 Organ
  • Trevor Paul: Guitar
  • Paul Jefferson: Sax
The Boston Public Gardens are a home to many things, tourists, swan boats, Italian ice and the music of Kris Roche. After being brought up on a healthy diet of Bob Marley and The Beatles as a child, Kris moved to Boston at age 19 and has been making a
name for himself ever since. One part cynic, one part optimist, and one part playing his heart out on the guitar like it was a djembe drum, his music is fun but sensible, sing‐along‐able but honest. Performing on the streets as well as in many venues across the East coast, Kris’ fan base continues to grow rapidly through his grass roots, do‐it‐yourself approach and by cultivating strong relationships with his supporters. One search of “Kris Roche” on Youtube yields numerous videos of him making music for passersby. In a short time, Kris has journeyed from the parks of Boston to famous venues all around New York, from the Bitter End, the Living Room, and even Carnegie Hall. His debut EP Anything But Alone and his acoustic album Tales of Bufflebear are filled with songs that tell us how he got there. But most importantly, Kris’ music lets us know that despite his strong start, he is just getting warmed up.


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