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Kreng started out as a strictly sample-based project, incorporating sounds from various sources: free-jazz, new electronic generated sounds, classical modernism & vintage geographical recordings. The project became a very cinematic, theatrical device that has been used by various directors. Kreng has now scored more that 15 theatre- & danceproductions, most of them produced by Abattoir Fermé’s director Stef Lernous & free-lance man Piet Arfeuille. Lately Kreng has been involved in some collaborative projects with various members of Belgiums’ musical underground. Among them Sakuran & drummer Eric Thielemans. Future projects include remixes for Badawi (= Raz Mesinai who also records for John Zorn’s Tzadik label) & Thor_Ltd.

Latest albums

2012 - Album
2010 - Album