Kreamy 'Lectric Santa

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Since 1993 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa has been committed to their own grandious outstandingly obtrusive vision which has amounted to relative obscurity, depression, anxiety and insurmountable empowering desperation . Initially hailing from Miami  then Atl,Pa, Oakland Ca and con-currently Asheville NC. Main members Robert Price and Priya Ray have continued fostering this seemingly never ending institution which thru the years has had 55 or more members and no pre-set style,sound or Genre-often combined  forms of varied and improbable styling  from Psychedelia, Post punk, folk, free noise, country, Musique Concrete and electronics.
-The bands high point being a post by a ween fan on a Ween forum for the worst album ever  claiming their 1st 95 CD release was like 'farted blood ' -granted grammatically flawed comment but...
 No great expectations as they plow forth Dedicated to musical indiscretion and excess. 
getting progressively older and progressively bitter unlike other musicians of similar ilk who feel the same abject disillusion and regret. KLS are Smiling idiotically and bitching about those darn kids the whole dam time