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Mall by Komiku

Album Description


Hello ! Here is the soundtrack of the game Captain Glouglou's Incredible Week !

There is only the first track in the game. It's during the development of the game that I realised that the bitsy application couldn't run multiple tracks for the game. So there is just the tune "Soundtrack" in the game, the other featuring in this album haven't been used. Some tunes were thought before the creation of the game, so some names of activity are definitely not accurate.

If there is an update for the integration of music in bitsy, I'll add them in the game.


For the english version of the game

Pour la version française du jeu


08. Mall (01:08)

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Mall by Komiku is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License.
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01 on 04/24/19 at 03:53PM
I've recently had both "Mall" and "Battle of the pogs" by Komiku flagged with copywrite claims on YouTube. The music is listed here on FreeMusicArchives as Public Domain but on YouTube is licensed by The Sound Project.
That makes me think with Komiku or The Sound Project are breaking copywrite but I'm intimidated to dispute with YouTube because I don't know who is the fraud.
Being that I can't verify and I didn't write the music which I feel is of good quality for free music I will assume it's too good to be true and stop using Komiku music. At least for now.
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