An Interlude To The Outermost

Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat

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Released Feb 27, 2007
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The young Belgian ruler of apocalyptic folk, Stef Heeren, after his much aclaimed debut album of last year, returns with an amazing follow up. "An Interlude For The Outermost" combines the dark mantra-ish folk of his first record with sharpened folkrock, intense melodies and heart-ripped spleen. His punkroots are still clearly present in his powerful voice, the themes are still slightly pagan. The difference with "The Sky Falls, We Shall Catch Larks" is the fact that on the new album we much more hear the product of a band, with profound arrangements and detailed production. "An Interlude For The Outermost" has become the masterpiece we all expected from Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat. The recordings of "An Interlude For The Outmost" already started in August 2006, when Heeren, together with guitar player De Mar and drummer David Stubbe (ex-Thee Plague Of Gentlemen) took a room in art center Vooruit (Ghent) to record the basics of the new album. After that, Heeren started to reshape the songs by inviting different musicians to play different parts and by getting everything together on the computer. Thematically not much has changed. He still screams his soul into the mic. and carries all the shit of the world on his shoulders for the time the album lasts. Even though some melodies might prove the contrary, the feel of this album hasn't much to do with the joy of life. This young musician's main worries are both the heritage of 09/11, the banality of the individual and society. This desillusion he tries to put into his lyrics and music. And how... With the rock line-up he has clearly found his thing, and presents us the new album that is definitely one of the highlights of the contemporary darkfolk movement.


Genre Folk