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Tango Mécanique (Instrumental, from 'A Man Disappeared Once') by Kirk Pearson and BIT

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HOOK (an album of instrumentals)
HOOK (an album of instrumentals)
Hello, I'm Kirk Pearson. For a living, I travel the world in order to make things. This album is is one of those things. Three years ago I founded BIT, an ever-changing global collective of musicians, programmers, and composers. The music of BIT as as eclectic as its membership, with over one hundred collaborators in six continents. The first time many of the musicians meet is on record, an exchange of melodies, ideas, and personalities.  HOOK is BIT's first instrumental album, intended for creative people to use in creative projects. It's our attempt to expand our creative horizons, and bring
BIT to media other than pure audio. For those of you that collect artistic mission statements, here's ours: "Think critically, create, explore."    ____________________________________________ This incarnation includes:  Jonah Bobo, Ruby Froom, Cole Blouin, Caroline Kuhn, Julian Korzeniowsky, Julia Ofman, Kate Gratson, Nick Dunston, Lyle Kokiko, Damon Smith, Zoë Madonna, Yuri Popowycz, James Vitz-Wong, Hayden Arp, Griffin Jennings, Brendan Smith, Jakob Roy, Aiden Berglund, Nate Currie, Will Lord, Julia Egan, Eve Kummer-Landau, Max Parsons, Alice Hayes, Nathaniel Sabat, Cindy Lan, Vanessa Grasins, Cooper Lynn, Zach Hicks, Eli Salamon-Abrams, Kelly Efthimiu, Emma Morcroft, Eric Poretsky, Andres Valbuena, Lucio Westmoreland, Yardain Amron, Eli Greenhoe, Nell Pearson, Polina Vulakh, Mario Spinetti, Michael Lofaso, Evan Gonzalez, Nathalie Escudero, Zephrah Soto, Mariel Nazareno, Sonora Dolce


Tango Mécanique (Instrumental, from 'A Man Disappeared Once') by Kirk Pearson and BIT is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.
COMPOSER: Kirk Pearson