King Kong Ding Dong

Hazy dream-world psych-jams from a Philadelphia supergroup featuring members of A Sunny Day in Glasgow. KKDD self-released their debut EP…

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King Kong Ding Dong 2008 - Album
A self-released 2006 debut EP from King Kong Ding Dong that recieved a well-deserved resissue on Badmaster Records.



zignoto Jun 09, 2012

hal uh lu yeah

ltgpanik Jul 25, 2010

Hey Played your music on L'?tranger, Radio Panik, Brussels this week... Ding to Mr. Sumner!

chadoh Jun 04, 2010

:-( Hey, KKDD! Play shows and I will try to come to one (or maybe up to four in a year, depending on how conveniently placed and how well your awesomness translates to your live show). Also, I'd like to...

jason Jun 04, 2010

Hey Chadoh! The FMA will import tour dates from lastfm's api, but King Kong Ding Dong don't have any dates scheduled at the moment according to their shows page