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what is here by King Ghidorah!

Album Description

Released:June 18th, 1994
Producer: William Hellfire
Engineer: William Hellfire

King Ghidorah! - “Looks like a guts”


These are very early demo recordings from 1994.  Mostly improvisational rehearsal recordings with improved overdubs.  Very messy and sloppy, though being a purest I included them for those people involved and for those with loads of time to kill and limited hearing loss.

When KG first started playing it was just Matt Icklan on drums and myself (Hellfire) on everything else.  These early improves and rehearsals were used to get a sense of what the songs were sounding like outside of our heads and an experiment in writing, recording and overdubbing.  I came from an IMPROVE school of song writing and before this band seldom worked out anything. Naturally my first attempts were to just hit record and see what wanted to come out.  Many of the early sessions were just stop and start riff and noise with a peak; a song would 'emerge' on its own.  It would fall apart, stop and start, change into a new song, get silly or have a moment of clarity...for a noise song.  Some of the overdub bits had very interesting sound quality though not always the best or most interesting playing.  I improved most the vocals and lyrics too...which the end result is often cringe worthy...  Sometimes a sloppy live recording would really come together when the overdubs were applied and then we would start playing the song in rehearsals and eventually add to the live band and future recordings. 

I am mostly happy to include these on line for the few people who used to listen to these demos at my house and of course for Matt who probably hasn't heard these since the end of the '90's.

'Looks like a guts to me' was a phrase from an interview with Missing Foundation rehearsal space landlord who believed he found a glass jar containing visceral material inside the ransacked space.  This was part of the news mini-series 'cult of fear' which coincided with the skinhead news specials on or about the same week in 1989.

SLR 1994

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