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Suicide in '95 by King Ghidorah!

Album Description

friend wrapped in tin foil
friend wrapped in tin foil
Producer: William Hellfire
Engineer: William Hellfire
King Ghidorah! Jet Jaguar EP FOR THE CURIOUS ONLY! These are very early demo recordings from 1995.  Mostly improvisational rehearsal recordings with improved overdubs.  Very messy and sloppy, though being a purest I included them for those people involved and for those with loads of time to kill and limited
mental capacity. Jet jaguar, the giant robot from Godzilla VS Megalon is a disco robot.  This music is not Disco.  It is of limited structure, an exercise in improvisation over improvisation; a pop train wreck, cringe worthy and included here for your listening pleasure. All by Matt Ickan and William Hellfire   King Ghidorah! Studio recordings on FMA: Satanis Infinitum Long Pig Kabala



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