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Schnappt Rasta Shorty by KieLoBot

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Sorry, FMA contact form not reach me! If you have any quests, or you want to come in contact, please mail directly to: Please enjoy... some more cool Moments during our Live Jam Sessions on STAUBKELLER. "Lobo, Kieli and Birgit" are "KieLoBot" Instruments: Vocals, Acustic E-Guitar, E-Bass, Drums, Hammond Organ, E-Piano, Jazz Organ, Wavedrum, Kaossilator ... Lyrics, Recording, Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering ... by Kieli and Lobo (Michael Kielkopf, Wolf Schweizer-Gerth) 2014-16 All Songs are Livejam recorded " Contact mail: lobo@sandsofa.deCommercial Licenses Musikbrause Commercial Licenses Jamendo Youtube Channel with KieLoBot Songs


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