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Hounds of Darkmoor

Album Description

Sorry, FMA contact form not reach me! If you have any quests, or you want to come in contact, please mail directly to: Studio Recordings "Staubkeller 2018" "Krude Mischung" with special guest Harry "Alles Leer" on Guitar, Birgit "Tanzen" on Guitar, Maze "Jeanny" on Keys, Till "Freeze, Tanzen" on
Sax Mixing and Mastering Sandsofa Studios Lobo and Tapejam Studios MazeLive Songs "Wirklich wichtig" and "Hounds of Darkmoor" recorded on "Staubkeller Sessions" 2017. KieLoBot Featuring Slämmy Lyrics, Recording, Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering ... by Kieli and Lobo (Michael Kielkopf, Wolf Schweizer-Gerth) 2017 Contact mail: Commercial Licenses Musikbrause Commercial Licenses Jamendo Youtube Channel with KieLoBot Songs


UPLOADED: 07/10/2017
LISTENS: 26537

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