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From all Belgian projects maybe the best known. Started the Köhn project around 1997 and released three full albums on our label. Right from the start Köhn wasn't happy with only providing the hip electronica world only an exploration of sounds, but decided to combine these sources to deliver a kind of pop from another angle. You'll bump into pure electronica, pop melodies, ambient pieces and musique concrete. His soundpalet is music history uptill now. Still: he did find his own signature. Proof of this can be heard on the epic dble cd 'Koen' which is mainly a sum of years of experience within a thin field. Köhn also provides soundtracks to short movies and animations, produced music for dance performances/theatre plays and commercials. In between all this he tours the world (with or without visuals from hendrik Dacquin) setting fire to most stages and plays in de Portables. Besides all this he also releases albums as Jurgen Deblonde on Tomlab to break in completely into pop-territory. But 2003 is the year that both projects coming together more and more. Other Projects: Jurgen Deblonde, Ed Nolbed, Frambooz, de Portables, Burda Moden.

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