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World Of Football 14

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Keshco - World Of Football 14 - front cover
Keshco - World Of Football 14 - front cover
Producer: Andy Brain, Robert Follen, Luke Sample, Ines Boente
Engineer: Andy Brain, Robert Follen, Luke Sample, Ines Boente
Our new EP celebrates the beautiful game, a game that brings all the world's tribes together to eat pies, cuss at officials and throw their shoes on the pitch; a game where a few untruths can propel a cheeky no-hoper into the Premier League; and where, if you can scrape through 90 minutes and extra time, you might be fortunate in the devil's lottery of penalty kicks. It is available via our Bandcamp page, and Sepp Blatter's hotel minibar. KESHCO F.C. FIRST TEAM: Andy – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, kazoo, percussion, computer wizardry Luke – vocals, electric guitars,
lapsteel, flute, kazoo, Yamaha PSS-380 keyboard, percussion Bob – vocals, piano, mountainous drums, percussion, Yamaha VSS-200 keyboard Ines – vocals, synthesizer, traffic recording ON THE SUBS BENCH: Caroline Vile – clarinet on “Subs Bench”, “Fans’ Army” Melanie Witt – kazoo, percussion on “Fans’ Army” Alex Sample – toasting on “Ali Dia”



World Of Football 14
UPLOADED: 07/12/2014
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