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The Power Of Hot Air by Keshco

Album Description

The Power Of Hot Air EP artwork
Released:December 22nd, 2009

NOTE: These songs are available in remastered form in the Keshco collection "Double Deadly". Grab it from our Bandcamp page here.

Released through Swedish netlabel 23 Seconds, this 22-minute EP (the perfect size for a 3-inch CD) features eight tracks that really shoot through various Keshco styles.  The opener is our re-imagining of a YouTube clip that, sadly, doesn't now exist...  a tipsy Robert Powell outdoors at night wishing "Gisela... Happy Christmas".  It's about as long.  Luke delivers his first lead vocal on "Crimes Of Casio", a tale of the educational damage wrought by electronic calculator watches.  Robert's "Got Lot of Stuff" is a fun singalong and we've gone all country-fied.  "The Summer Goes" is a three-part look back to childhood where it was the little things that stood out at sharp angles causing you to graze your knee.  Never go back, ladies and gentlemen. Then a teenage lovesong in "Real Sharp Twig" - so many girls, so little of the term left, which one to choose?  "Obsolete" brings up Andy's theme of aging again, tying back into the electronic gadgets strand... and featuring some rockin' guitar parts.  In a Keshco song?  Why yes!  "Weapons Expo" started off in 2002 but is sadly still relevant.  We've put a new spin on it by going all reggae, with a new Dirty D middle.  And then... our balloon floated to Mongolia.  And what became of us?



The Power Of Hot Air
01. Robert Powell (00:02)
02. Crimes Of Casio (04:19)
03. Got Lot Of Stuff (02:04)
04. The Summer Goes (03:41)
05. Real Sharp Twig (04:16)
06. Obsolete (02:52)
07. Weapons Expo (02:16)
08. Trip To Mongolia (02:25)

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