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No Boundaries by Keshco

Album Description

Released:July 14th, 2015

Released for Netlabel Day 2015, this EP bursts into life with a swoosh of superhero strength, shatters into fragments within a pumping synth groove, goes offline in disgust at social media, drifts past the ghosts of inner space, then runs naked into the forest only to find its tree hiding place isolated by bickering workmen.

Ines Boente - electric guitar, Yamaha synthesizer

Andy Brain - vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, Yamaha/Casio/Gakken synthesizer, effects, computing

Bob Follen - voices, acoustic guitar, effects

Caroline Vile - vocals, clarinet, recorder, effects

Recorded on 4-track, 8-track and mobile phone

Mixed/mastered in Andy's living room

Thanks to Luke for advice

Cover art by Bob Art Models

Released as part of Netlabel Day 2015


No Boundaries - Surmount every obstacle - with one bound, she was free! Out, out into a strange wide-open vista.

Moving Boundaries - Splintering within twisting mirrors, she folds back on herself.

Me! I Connect To You - Logging into Facebook sets my teeth on edge. I am reminded of Gary Numan.

Afterparty Trick - Delayed gratification for those listening at normal level; for those listening carefully over headphones, some nice textures before the main event. Alternatively, to quote the Cure - "play this music loud". It could be said that we missed a trick in the naming, as you could also use this as a concept piece for the NASA New Horizons mission. Imagine the eerie almost-silences are the solar winds, early swooshes are the planets being passed-by, and the main sonic assault is the mad scurry of data collection around Pluto and her satellites, followed by a long burst of data transmission back home.

Debazzled - My heart is fit to burst. There's nowhere left to hide.

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01. No Boundaries (04:27)

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