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Kenneth Kirschner was born in 1970 in Princeton, New Jersey, and began studying piano at the age of 5. Starting to study Composition at College briefly he found the academic atmosphere of the time (1988) to be too conservative and stifling, with little support for electronic music or for experimental
approaches. He therefore gave up studying Music academically and moved to New York City to develop his work on his own. Kenneth spent the 1990s composing and developing his style, while doing occasional commissions for ballet and modern dance. Being aware that soon the technology would exist to allow the online distribution of music, it was Kenneths ambition to make his work freely available online. He therefore turned to his old friend Taylor Deupree of 12k, and began a series of CD releases - all under open licenses - that have included post_piano, September 19, 1998 et al., and a number of forthcoming CDs, all of which have been a great help in raising awareness of his work. Being asked on how he consequently labels all of his works with dates, Kenneth comments that when he was very young, he used to make up titles for his pieces which were terrible from Kenneths point of view: Just pretentious and awful, I thought. At times they even seemed to "damage" the music itself. I wanted my work to remain purely abstract, and for listeners to be able to bring whatever meaning or interpretation they wanted to it. In 1989, Kenneth ultimately decided to start using the dates on which the pieces were begun, and it's a system he has pretty much stuck with ever since. It causes a lot of chaos, of course, as even I sometimes can't tell which pieces are which! But it's something that I'm very happy with


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