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Frack Track by Kellee Maize

Album Description

Kellee Maize - The 5th Element
Kellee Maize - The 5th Element
To Kellee, The 5th Element represents Love  - which she feels in its unconditional form could help humanity to evolve and shift consciousness from the “love of power to the power of love” as Jimi Hendrix stated. Kellee Maize’s music has always explored love in some way throughout all of
her albums.  The 5th element in many traditions refers to other things that relate to the album’s content from wood (which you will see a strong environmental thread through the content), steel (she is from pittsburgh), and the spirit (much spirituality is intertwined in her music).     Each song, mentions love in some way shape or form. Love isn't always rainbows and smiles but the ability to accept, forgive, take action and move forward in a just and positive direction. You will find themes that include love of self, the earth, enemies, the moment, and for our families and personal relationships.    The album design features over 1,000+ fans that sent pictures of themselves displaying Love in whatever way they saw fit.   This album is different from her other releases in that it is slower in some ways both in the instrumentals and her rapping style. Kellee collaborates on the instrumentals again with friend and fellow pittsburgher Nice Nate, Polish producer Golden Day, Pittsburgh DJ and producer Headphone Activist and New York based producer J. Glaze who mixed and mastered the album and produced the beats for the opening 2 tracks.



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