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BMC 2: Tonal Shift by Keith Chambers

Album Description

Released:March 21st, 2012

I have long been a devotee of the found object as an art form and finding what guides an artist’s interpretations of such material. Regardless of the object’s original function, under the artist’s actions, the object undergoes a metamorphosis through alterations, juxtaposition with additional objects or being given a new function altogether. Regardless of an object’s form, altering the perceptions and connotations of it’s origin gives it a new identity. This album was approached with that very concept in mind.

Working with other artists’ loops and field recordings, I weaved these sounds into a tapestry of soundscapes intertwined with my own musical musings to create something new. Although the album is broken into five sections, the overall work is intended to be one continuous excursion with shifting occurrences throughout. I hope your listening journey with this album is a joyful and meditative experience.

A special thanks to FM3 for allowing the use of their loops from The Buddha Machine Project and to the Free Sound [.org] community.    — KC


It Should Be All Green (Conversations With The Buddha Machine)


BMC 1: It Should Be All Green 

FM3: BM04, BM08, BM201, BM202, FM3-chun, FM3-qiu & FM3-xia 

Musique concréte by Karl James, Manuel Pérez Riera, Marcel Maas & Daniel Costello 

Keith Chambers: phonometrics



BMC 2: Tonal Shift      

FM3: BM204, BM208, BM209 & FM3-dong   

Musique concréte by Ermine, Sithjawa, Peter Livesey, Noise Collector & Daniel Costello   

Keith Chambers: phonometrics



BMC 3: Ocean Depths      

FM3: BM02, BM03, BM05 & BM203       

Musique concréte by Daniel Costello     

Keith Chambers: phonometrics & sonic deployment



BMC 4: Forth Rises Up       

FM3: BM01, BM04,* & BM206   

Musique concréte by Ingo Kottkamp, Cognito Perceptu, ERH & J.F.K.     

Keith Chambers: phonometrics & sonic deployment



BMC 5: Distant Apparition       

FM3: BM06, BM07, BM205 & BM207     

Musique concréte by Inchadney & Daniel Costello      

Keith Chambers: phonometrics


All tracks composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Keith Chambers; July 2011. Album artwork by Keith Chambers.

*BM04, used on track BMC 4, remixed by Bill Forth.

All content used from FM3 and has been used under creative commons copyright usage. Attribution to this body of work does not necessitate endorsement.


Recordings used from The Free Sound Project (

BMC 1: Karl James (The Dialogue Project) – Jilly and Sue Outtakes - Intro; Marcel Maas (klankbeeld) – Playground 05; Manuel Pérez Riera (melack) – Gotes Lent (dripping water); Daniel Costello (transitking) – Scratch And Pop

BMC 2: Noise Collector – 1977 Matchbox No. 60: Holden Pick-up; Peter Livesey (plivesey) – Sandal In Bike Spokes; Ermine – DogsSithjawa – Coyote From The Window; Daniel Costello (transitking) – End Of Record

BMC 3: Daniel Costello (transitking) – Scratch And Pop

BMC 4: Ingo Kottkamp (kompaktt) – Intercom; Cognito Perceptu – AM Flip (Radio); ERH – Morse Static [BMC 4]**

BMC 5: Inchadney – Northsea; Daniel Costello (transitking) – End Of Record


**Call sign for station WII800 on Verdugo Peak in Glendale, CA owned by the LAPD.

BMC 4 incorporates public domain material from the United States Executive Branch [J.F.K. inauguration speech].

Information about FM3’s Buddha Machine can be found at


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