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  • Keijo Virtanen, Jari Koho
"During the 90’s, affordable portable recording devices made possible to record easily sounds, voices and music in their natural surroundings and conditions, wherever they may occur: livingroom, basement, garage, bedroom, street, concerthall, field, forest.. The format cd-r spread recordings duplicated to anybody anywhere. Why that happened? It happens all the
time. Some people make music, some need and must – because it makes do that. Similarly, as the creators were there as they always are, also the audience was ready, to receive something which is different from nature from what comes via the conventional channels of the establishment, the system. From those everything comes processed with the preset formats of conventions of culture and technology, of both media and studio, genres and prejudices… Back to the matter, in a sentence: that which is always there, beyond and before the usual area of normality, became more easily available. With the digital culture, especially internet, we became connected with all people of the globe – so, what is originally the most intimate, individual and specific local, could now get an added dimension, become trans-local, able to be shared, exchanged and copied (used in any way) anywhere. This has nothing to do with styles, schools, genres, trends, and such – the one who makes and collects sounds and voices keeps on doing this, with friends and alone. Most think they are playing, and playing and performing is enough, more than enough, no need to think of whether or not belonging to any scene. (And during all this as always, something is happening, but you don’t know what it is, or do you? And you are a part in it, even if you don’t know.)" — Keijo Virtanen